Tech Guys Who Invest Podcast Dreamstone Investments’ Rapid Success With Vehano Joseph And Nick Contessa

In this episode of Tech Guys Who Invest, we talk to the team Adam is partnered with, Vehano Joseph and Nick Contessa. Vehano and Nick own Dreamstone Investments, which is a rapidly growing real estate investment company. These guys are really making things happen and we dive into what makes them successful, how they met Adam, and what makes their investments attractive.

Key Takeaways To Listen For

1. How Adam, Nick, and Vehano became partners
2. Why finding the right team members is so important
3. Why Nick & Vehano focus on real estate investing and how they landed on apartment investing
4. What is a value add a deal and why is this our focus?
5. Where to start for someone interested in investing

Thinking about creating passive income streams but don’t know where to start?