At Dreamstone Investments, we’re always looking to create positive, win-win situations for all parties involved. If you are currently an owner of a multifamily property and are tired of dealing with one or more of the following issues, please reach out and see how we can help make that headache disappear!

Residents not paying rent on time

Eviction processes that turn into court appearances

Maintenance issues

Management inefficiencies or poor management

High expenses that just can’t seem to get under control

Code violations

Issues with debt and/or foreclosure

High vacancies

Physical obsolescence

Three Ways To Sell Your Multifamily Property

The Traditional Way

Just like selling your home, Dreamstone Investments obtains commercial bank financing and comes in with an earnest deposit and the equity down payment. At the closing table, the owner selling the property will walk away with a substantial check, however, this may cause a large taxable event of up to 20%! How can you prevent such an event, check out solution 2 and 3.

Partial Seller Financing

Dreamstone Investments still obtains commercial bank financing, earnest deposit and an equity down payment, but now the owner acts as a second loan. The owner will still walk away with a check at closing, however, the taxable event is much smaller and, since this is a loan, the owner will be receiving monthly payments.

Seller Financing

The owner will now be the first loan while Dreamstone Investments comes in with the equity down payment. The owner will still receive a check at closing, but like mentioned above, the taxable event will be much lower and the owner will be receiving monthly payments that could be taxed at low or 0% Capital Gains.